Kenichi Mikawa, the picture I bought at the flea market in Los Angeles is “What a 2.5 million yen!” | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

September 20, “From the age of 60Mercari“Set” unveiling event was held in Tokyo, and the singerKenichi MikawaAttend.

On this day of “Respect for the Aged Day”, 75-year-old Mikawa said, “I wonder if I was called on” Respect for the Aged Day “? Isn’t there such a” Respect for the Aged “? I made a greeting.

“At the age of 75, after all, there were many things when I looked back, but thanks to you, I’m really alive. I want to live a happy life and continue to challenge myself.”

Mikawa, who loves second-hand clothes, showed off such an episode about flea markets.

“I have a house in Los Angeles, and there is a flea market on the weekends, where I sell everything from clothes to paintings. I went there and took a quick look (there was a nice painting). ).

“Oh, this picture is expensive. How much is it? I said, it was $ 102. The owner came back from the bathroom and said, “Hey, don’t you give up a little? I said, and he gave me $ 2.

I went home and decorated it at Ross’s house. When I took a photo and looked it up, it was a real picture. A picture of 2.5 million yen! “

At the event, Mikawa exhibited her own Prada bag using the app.

“When I was young, I liked overseas, and I went there twice a year (overseas). At that time, I bought this at a Prada store. It was around 300,000 yen. I used it really beautifully. It’s.

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When I go out to eat in Paris, I put my wallet and cell phone in and it goes well with casual jeans. Everyone praised me when I was walking. That’s why I was thinking of never letting go of this.

But when I heard about Mercari’s listing, I thought I’d put out something that I liked and cherished, and that wasn’t too dirty and would make me happy. “

After taking a picture on the stage and completing the listing registration, the purchase was confirmed in just a few minutes, and I was overjoyed.

Mikawa recently opened a YouTube channel. Armed with his strong curiosity, he will continue to play an active role.


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