Kent Bazemore expects Lonzo Ball to "do its best" with the pelicans


In his first two seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, Lonzo Ball was held back by injuries, however, his development was also hampered by Luke Walton's offense.

This season with New Orleans Pelicans, Ball will play with Alvin Gentry, who has a reputation for making his teams play quickly, something that Ball has had no problems with at any level of his basketball career. This is why the Portland Trail Blazers swingman Kent Bazemore believes that Ball is in a very successful junior season.

During the last episode of the "Winging It" Podcast, Bazemore said he expects big things from Ball and the pelicans next season:

"I think New Orleans had an excellent offseason with regards to having fresh blood in there. Because I think Lonzo will really do his thing over there. "

Vince Carter, co-host of Bazemore and former Atlanta Hawks teammate, said he also expects a great year from Brandon Ingram, who is coming out of a career season with an average of 18.3 points, 5.1 rebounds and three assists per game.

You can listen to their complete conversation below:



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