Kerr: Stars evade signed agreements & # 39; real problem & # 39; for NBA

Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors talks to the media during a press conference following the sixth game of the NBA finals against the Toronto Raptors in the sixth game of the NBA Finals on June 13, 2019 at the Oakland Arena, in California. Jack Arent, NBAE via Getty Images / AFP

For all the excitement and buzz during an unprecedented free agency period, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is a very concerned NBA citizen.

Speaking on "The Warrior Podcast" released on Wednesday in's Bay Area subsidiary, the three-time NBA champion coach called the transactions triggered by stellar players – like Anthony Davis making his way from New's pelicans Orleans to the Los Angeles Lakers – as "bad for the championship" and "a real problem".

"I'm talking more about the situation of Anthony Davis," Kerr said. "Where a boy is perfectly healthy and still has a couple of years in his business and says" I want to leave. "This is a real problem that the league has to face and with which players have to be careful.

"When you sign on that dotted line, you owe your efforts and your game to that team, to that city, to the fans. And then it's completely your right to leave as a free agent. But if you sign the contract, then you should be bound to that contract ".

Davis had initially requested a trade from the pelicans with more than an entire season remaining on his existing contract, and although New Orleans did not immediately cling to his seasonal request, this offseason had his wish when he was treated with L.A.

Kerr has a problem with Davis' approach, while still under contract, unlike the stars who played their contracts before changing teams.

"What LeBron did, he recited his contract. What Kevin did, both when he arrived at Golden State and when he left. Sign contracts, run them and move on. That's how it should be done," Kerr said .

"But it is a bit disturbing that there has been some action that happens before the contracts have expired, in which the teams are held hostage and the league is a kind of hostage. I'm not a big fan of them. harmful to all. "

At the beginning of July, Commissioner Adam Silver commented publicly in his annual Las Vegas summer championship press conference that the way many free-agent agreements seem to take place well before the rules prohibiting contact between agents, players and teams.

"My job is to enforce a fair set of rules for all our teams and a set of rules that are clear and sensible for everyone," said Silver. "I think that right now we are not all there."

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