Kevin McCarthy, facing the abyss of a motion of censure

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The civil war among Republicans in Congress has begun. The hard wing of the conservative bench began its strategy on Monday night to replace Kevin McCarthy as president of the House of Representativesa rebellion on board hatched by Matt Gaetzthe radical congressman from Florida, who still has not forgiven him treason having avoided the government shutdown late Saturday with the help of Democrats. Paradoxically, McCarthy now depends on progressives to survive the motion of censure against him.

The still leader of the Republicans responded an hour later with a call to the vote in which he has shown himself convinced of saving his position, also firm in his intention not to give in to the Democrats or reach agreements behind the scenes to ensure success in the recount. . The problem is that the accounts don’t add up. The Republicans have 221 seats and the Democrats 212. It is enough for a handful of the wayward Republicans to turn their backs on him – which seems quite likely – for him to remain at the mercy of the rival benchwho neither trusts McCarthy nor is willing to support him without a series of conditions favorable to his interests.

A triumph of the republican rebellion would have serious political implications. A vacancy in the presidency of the House of Representatives would mean a paralysis of activity until a new leader is elected. Or what is the same, the chaos. All this with the latent threat of a new Government closure after the partial agreement last weekend, which is only valid until November 17.

McCarthy has refused to apologize for his political maneuvering to keep the government operational. “If at the end of the day I am removed from office because I took steps to ensure that Border Patrol troops and agents continue to get paid, that is a fight worth it“said the congressman from California.

Democrats have not spoken out forcefully for or against either. His position is lukewarm for obvious reasons. On the one hand it is a chance to take down a political rival that is behind the formal investigation against Joe Biden – en route to a impeachment– for the alleged shady dealings of his son, Hunter Biden, abroad. But on the other hand, they know that it is his best letter to avoid government shutdown in November.

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