Keys that will mark the Big data strategy in 2021

In the marketing strategy, data is a key piece. The big data boom has shown why knowing consumers is so important and why information is a key element in defining what is done, how and with what, improving customer ties and sales results.

Data is a key piece in the marketing strategy. Privacy and identity or the cookie policy are some of the trends that will mark the big data terrain in 2021. Click to enter

But data is not a watertight element. In addition to being of vital importance to renew the accumulated information, it is also necessary to refresh what is known about data and what trends are decisive in the big data field. An analysis by BizReport highlights four major trends that will set the data agenda.

Privacy and identity

European regulations were the first blow for internet companies in their approach to data and in their use of information to better understand consumers. The European standard provides many more tools to improve the privacy of Internet users, tools that are becoming a kind of general standard beyond the European Union.

Consumers, for their part, are increasingly aware, making privacy more important than ever. Therefore, as they point out in the analysis, brands will have to find a balance between knowing their users and their interests and respecting their privacy.

Cookies policy

The industry is mired in confusion and anguish about what will happen when cookies really disappear (because browsers block them by default), but as you recall in the analysis, cookies have not yet died and the solution to the problem has not been settled. This year will be the year of dominance of alternative options: that is, it will be the time when everyone seems to be presenting an alternative solution and selling its benefits. The digital ecosystem will therefore be focused on the issue.

More closed gardens

Paywalls broke in a few years ago and have been growing. They are more and more common and it can be said that the exception among the large media is that of those that continue to give free access to content. The trend will continue.

Still, they recall in the analysis, not everyone can compete in this arena and not all paywalls will be equally successful, so enriching data and offering flexibility and agility to marketers will still be crucial for media to survive.

Quality and not quantity

On the other hand, the perception of information and what matters will also change. After years of talking about big data and accumulating information, it is important to note that the quantity is not so important. If you have a lot of data, but it is bad or irrelevant, it is as if you have nothing. Marketers must prioritize data quality and look for data that is important and valuable to their big data strategy.

This is also a point of value in the relationship with consumers. You have to stop squeezing them trying to know everything about them, to focus on knowing what really matters.

Source: Puro Marketing

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