KFC says the news that the students are deceiving the staff to give them free food is false


A fan of fried chicken was acclaimed by a "genius" after reporting that he had tricked a fast food outlet into eating it for free for a year.

The media in South Africa claim that the unnamed 23-year-old deceived by the KFC staff made him believe he had been sent from headquarters to test the quality of the food.

As part of the deed, the university student is said to have arrived in multiple locations in Durban in a limousine with an identity card, a notepad and an elegant suit.

The workers would have followed his every need and had no suspicion.

But after more than 12 months of free meals, the news reports reported that the game was over after the man was arrested.

For his "smarter, not harder work" approach, the zinger of a story has become viral.

The man was labeled "model", "genius" and "legend".

Others thought that he should have been employed in the role he simulated.

KFC refuted the reports, taking it to social media to say that the story was not true.

"The fake is as good as this story", published the official chain page in South Africa.

"As legendary, we can confirm that this is false.

"We have not kept the secret recipe secret for so long, just to be deceived by a student."

KFC Africa public affairs director Thabisa Mkhwanazi confirmed that the story was false.

"We follow strict operational processes," Mkhwanazi told Business Insider.

"Any unauthorized person posing as a member of the KFC team in our restaurants and headquarters would be withdrawn immediately."

Despite the denials, some believe that the answer was a cover-up.

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