Khaled El-Sawy: I hate the idea that I am unable and because I do not feel that I am inside the soul of the child

A short time ago, a symposium honoring the artist Khaled El-Sawy began within the activities of the Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries in its 37th session, with a documentary film that dealt with the artistic life of the artist Khaled El-Sawy, and the artist Elham Shaheen was keen to attend and participate in the symposium.

The artist Khaled El-Sawy said: “I am very grateful to everyone who took an interest in coming to the symposium, and thank you for the festival management. The best feeling is that the soul of the child is inside.”

Khaled El-Sawy added: “My second feeling is so strange that all people reward you when you are not you, and I was born in Alexandria and traveled to Upper Egypt with my family when I was in the fifth grade of primary school. Everywhere except the bathroom, for example.

Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture, and Major General Mohamed El Sherif, Governor of Alexandria, witnessed the opening ceremony of the 37th session of the Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries, and a number of artists attended, including: Khaled El-Sawy, Rania Farid Shawky, Manal Salama, director Ali Badrakhan, Ilham Shaheen, Director Omar Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Wafik, media, Bossi Shalaby, Hala Sedky, Karim Kassem.

The festival administration honored a number of artists: director Ali Badrakhan, the name of the late writer Kawthar Heikal, writer Khaled Montaser, director of photography Tariq Al-Telmisani, who was absent due to emergency circumstances, director Omar Abdel Aziz and received by his brother, director Mohamed Abdel Aziz, artist Khaled Al-Sawy, artist Salwa Khattab and critic Khayriyah. Al-Bashlawy.

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