Khloe Kardashian Had Sex In The Plane And The Kitchen And Sylvester Stallone Asked Sharon Stone To Take Off Her Underwear

in the world ofactingActresses may be exposed tosexual harassment​This results in psychological pressures, and the spread of the news may lead to them losing their work contract, so they keep secret to preserve their careers.

Chloe KardashianI had sex on the plane and on the kitchen table

When asked the reality TV star and American modelChloe KardashianAbout the craziest and hottest place I’ve ever had sex, she answered: private planes, moving cars, and the kitchen table. She added: “have sexOn a private plane, it’s great, especially if there are passengers on board, that’s part of the thrill.” She said: “I went into the bathroom, then my partner followed me, and when I got out, the passengers asked me if it was fun.” About the kitchen, she said: “We are at home and this is comfortable, but it is a little different. The marble kitchen table, interesting and cool, it’s true it’s a crazy place to have sex but I’m at home and the height is excellent. And if you want to do it, you have to clear the table.” About the car, someone was driving and I was in the back seat, and since I’m tall, I’m convulsing and my knee hurts. And the car is a waste of time because I don’t get anything.

Sylvester Stallonerequest fromSharon StoneTo take off her underwear while filming

The American actress revealedSharon StoneShe participated in the photoshootviewAgainst her will during her artistic career because her professional future was threatened and she agreed to do it because she wanted to succeed in her profession. After filming Basic Instinct, she sued the director, but it came to nothing and says that she was being treated like a commodity and that men hurt her feelings because they only saw her as a sexual image. In the details, Sharon Stone says that she had to play the role of DonunderwearBecause Sylvester Stallone approached her during filming and told her, “We don’t see anything, I want you to take your panties off,” and Sharon said she was tricked into filming this scene. When it was time to shoot another intimate scene, Stallone, in agreement with the director, asked her to remove all her clothes, and when she refused to shoot the scene, he brought a bottle of vodka and asked her to drink, and after six glasses they were kissing brutally in front of the camera. Stallone later admitted the enormity of what he had done and that he had offended a woman who refused to do what was asked of her and the scene expresses the lack of harmony between the actors and Sharon’s annoyance. Years later, Sharon says that she is happy that she revealed these secrets, and she hopes that they will serve as a lesson to novice actresses so that they are not subjected to harassment and abuse.

Salma HayekI was sexually harassed by the producer of the movie “Frida”

revealedSalma HayekAbout sexual harassment she was subjected to while filming Frida Kalho by producer Harvey Weinstein, who was responsible for the success of actresses in Hollywood, and that she was a fan of his character before she found out that he was a sexual freak. He came to her hotel room, but she repelled him. And the next day he called her to his office, and he was drunk, and asked her to take off her clothes and make intimate caress. Her refusal provoked his anger and hatred towards her. He tried to expel her from the movie, so she filed a complaint against him, but she did not mention sexual harassment in the lawsuit for fear of not believing her and asking that the work contract be respected. The movie was a huge success, but it paid dearly. Before the end of their first business together everyone thought they had an excellent professional relationship but they never collaborated again. Salma believed that she was the only one who had been sexually harassed by Westin until several actresses rallied and revealed what they had been exposed to during filming and felt it was her duty to show solidarity with them.


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