Khofifah Dismissed Sekda Bondowoso from Position because of Alleged Violation of ASN Code of Ethics Page all

BONDOWOSO, – Governor of East Java Khofifah Indar Parawansa temporarily suspended Regional Secretary Bondowoso Syaifullah from his position, Thursday (27/8/2020).

Deputy Regent of Bondowoso, Irwan Bachtiar, said that the Regional Secretary Syaifullah was temporarily suspended in connection with violations of the ASN code of ethics.

This is related to the case of threats of violence committed by Syaifullah to former BKD head Bondowoso Alun Taufana and one of the BKD employees Sulis.

“This is an order from the Governor for us to immediately deactivate it,” said Irwan to, when met at his official residence.

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Currently, Syaifullah is being examined by the Inspectorate of the East Java Provincial Government at the Bondowoso Inspectorate office.

Irwan said, the temporary dismissal was until the problem was resolved.

Sekda Syaifullah allegedly violated Article 3 Number 4, 6 and 9 as well as Article 4 Number 1 with the threat of severe disciplinary punishment as stated in Article 7 Paragraph 4 of Government Regulation Number 53 Year 2010 concerning Civil Servant Discipline.

He emphasized that the Bondowoso Regency Government immediately asked the East Java Provincial Government to fill the vacant position.

“God willing, today actually determines us, but to neutralize the situation, take it from the province,” said Irwan.

According to him, the temporary dismissal will not hamper the performance of the Bondowoso regional government.

This is because the district government has asked the East Java Provincial Government to immediately issue a decision to replace the vacancy.

“In one or two days, God willing, today there will be news from the Province, who will be appointed as Plh, as well as preparing an official,” he said.

Previously it was reported that the Regional Secretary Syaifullah was in the spotlight for threatening violence against former BKD head Alun Taufana.

As a result of the threat, Alun Taufana resigned from his position.

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The threat of violence occurred before the inauguration of Sekda Syaifullah.

At that time, Saifullah judged that BKD was slow and did not heed the regent’s order regarding the inauguration of the Sekda.

Not only that, Syaifullah threatened to remove all BKD staff.

Even threatening to imprison them. The case has now been tried at the Bondowoso District Court.


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