Kia displaces everyone with the new Sportage: the European variant arrives on 1 September

The design of Kia Sportage fifth generation it was unveiled last June, and if everyone is waiting to know the technical details of the new midsize SUV that will arrive on the market at the end of the year, no one could have known, however, that Kia was hiding a surprise for us Europeans before arriving at the definition of the entire prospectus of the new Sportage.

For the first time in the history of range Sportage in fact, Kia has foreseen the design and development of a specific model for the European market, which will be presented in streaming on Wednesday 1 September. In the few days that separate us from the online event we will have to make use of the information provided by Kia Europe and the first images of what the company calls European Sportage.

The production model, to tell the truth, we imagine it different compared to that of the two sketches, which are nevertheless useful for visualizing some of the specific aesthetic solutions of European Sportage that the company describes in the release on the best-selling SUV in the range.


The design of the fifth generation of Sportage is based on the theme Bold for Nature, what about Kia “pays homage to the perfection and simplicity of nature”, linking up with the new stylistic philosophy Opposites United that – we know from the global presentation of Sportage and from EV6 electric crossover – inspires the design of recent Kia products.

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Kia Sportage for the European market it is characterized by a muscular appearance and a strong yet refined silhouette, the result of sharp and taut lines that cross the surfaces. The black roof which highlights the cut of the rear pillar and gives the car a further touch of dynamism, which is always appreciated by customers from the Old Continent. Kia may have remained buttoned up on the specific innovations for the European model, in order to keep a few warm for presentation.

It will also be found on the European variant of the Sportage the iconic Tiger Nose front grille Kia’s feature, which occupies the full width of the front and “perfectly matches the boomerang-shaped DRL (Daytime Running Lights) badges and Matrix LED headlights of the car front”.


A little taste of how much of technological will be put on the plate of customers by European Sportage Kia gives it itself in the press release in which it gives notice of the presentation:

The exclusive European Sportage has been designed and developed with targeted attention to establish the new reference point in the segment to which it belongs and at the same time to satisfy the tastes of customers from the Old Continent. Advanced design redefines the boundaries of style for both the interior and the exterior. State-of-the-art connectivity technology, generous yet highly efficient powertrains and the latest passive and active safety innovations with the latest generation ADAS aids further enhance the premium stature of this vehicle. Developed on a new architecture, the all-new European Sportage has also been meticulously refined to offer optimal driving characteristics and handling for European roads.


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