News Kickl attacks government: 'gravediggers of the economy'

Kickl attacks government: ‘gravediggers of the economy’

The FPÖ again criticizes the coalition. This had maneuvered the country into a “dead end” in terms of labor and economic policy.

The freedom workers worked on the crisis management of the turquoise-green federal government again on Tuesday. This had maneuvered Austria into a “dead end” in terms of labor and economic policy. Economy and job market “were not too short, but got under the wheels,” criticized club chairman Herbert Kickl at a press conference. The FPÖ wanted to form the “counterweight to this corona madness”.

The federal government had promised to help “quickly and unbureaucratically”, said Kickl. In addition, she gave herself the motto, “It costs what it wants”. According to Kickl’s finding, neither was fulfilled: “If you look behind the facade of the crisis management, it looks sad – outside outside, inside, ugly”. The hardship fund means nothing but harassment for those affected (“bureaucratic madness, financial striptease”). Apparently the name is “because he creates hardship cases”, Kickl smirked, questioning the economic competence of the ÖVP, the Chamber of Commerce and the German Economic Association. “The People’s Party becomes the gravedigger of the Austrian economy, and the Greens minister in the process”.

“Austria voucher”

From the point of view of the freedom activists, not only 100 percent compensation according to the Epidemic Act is required, but also a much more determined startup than before. The fact that larger outdoor events are strictly forbidden draws a “trail of devastation” by the sports and cultural industry. Kickl also once again brought up a 1,000 euro “Austria voucher” on the wallpaper, which can be redeemed at domestic companies, whether in trade, in the hotel industry or in the catering trade. This would act as an “economic defibrillator” and “release a concentrated load of economic stimulus”.

The unemployed, in turn, are the “stepchild of the federal government”. According to the FPÖ, the unemployment benefit should be increased to 70 percent net replacement rate, as the SPÖ also demands. This represents an “effective vaccination against rampant poverty”, said Kickl, who asked the Chamber of Labor (AK) to release its reserves. This sits on a fortune and points to everyone else instead of spending a single cent. In addition, she behaved like a “war profiteer” by continuing to collect contributions. The liberties also want to legally secure the 13th and 14th monthly salary against higher taxation. If this is not planned anyway, it must be easy to agree to this request, Kickl argued.

FPÖ business spokesman Erwin Angerer sees an “economic climate change” brewing. The domestic economy is on the way to an ice age. The help does not reach the companies. Economics Minister Margarete Schramböck (ÖVP) spoke of a protective shield for entrepreneurs while they drown. “Rather, the entrepreneurs need a lifebuoy,” says Angerer, in the form of liquidity. The business spokesman also criticized the requirements for the catering trade. These are hardly administrable.


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