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Kidney values ​​can be used to predict the progression of Covid 19

A “correspondence” recently put forward the hypothesis based on initial data that simple kidney values ​​can predict the course of a Covid 19 disease.

The results were presented in the renowned journal “The Lancet”.

The German Society for Nephrology e.



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According to the DGfN, an investigation to verify the first data has already been initiated.

If the results are confirmed, this would have therapeutic consequences, among other things, and could particularly benefit Covid 19 risk patients.

As a result, nephrology plays an important role in the research of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Timely prophylactic therapy using kidney values ​​could save lives.

The researchers hope that the results will be available before the announced second wave of infections in autumn / winter.

When the corona crisis began, SARS-CoV-2 was often referred to as the respiratory virus.

In the meantime, however, various scientific studies have revealed that the pathogen does not only affect the respiratory tract.

Many organs, including the kidneys, suffer from the “multi-organ virus”.

According to experts, the kidney values ​​could therefore be used as a seismograph for the course of Covid-19 disease.

Three key parameters herald the danger

Another research showed acute kidney failure (AKI) only as an independent predictor of mortality.

However, early signs of kidney involvement such as protein loss in the urine, protein reduction in the blood and loss of antithrombin III are apparently of prognostic importance.

These three parameters are also the core parameters for risk assessment.

Already two of these three values ​​increase the risk of the patient becoming compulsorily intensive.

Nephrological researchers from the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG) used this knowledge and created a therapy pathway to use the kidney values ​​to identify Covid 19 risk patients whose disease course would be serious.

In this way, those affected could undergo intensive treatment at an early stage.

This path of action appeared as a correspondence in the specialist journal “The Lancet” at the beginning of May.

In addition, a large observational study has started that involves several university clinics.

More people die

As the DGfN explains, several research projects indicate that in Covid 19 patients the kidneys are often affected in the early stages of the disease.

In this context, albuminuria and / or hematuria often occur.

According to a Chinese study, kidney involvement in Covid 19 patients drastically reduces the likelihood of survival.

Mortality increases by a factor of 10 (1.25 percent of the patients died without kidney involvement vs.

11.2 percent of those with kidney involvement).

The study was presented at the end of April in the journal “JASN” (Journal of the American Society of Nephrology).

Kidney parameters can indicate the course of Covid-19

The new knowledge also brings therapeutic adjustments with it.

A lack of protein in the blood can cause a so-called “water lung”, too little antithrombin III can cause thrombus or pulmonary embolism.

Both clinical pictures are life-threatening.

Prophylactic therapy could prevent and combat these two complications, from which numerous Covid 19 cases die.

According to the study authors, this can be done through drainage therapy or intensified anticoagulation.

However, the kidney values ​​must be determined immediately when diagnosing Covid-19.

Immediate control of kidney values ​​when diagnosed


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