“Kiez-Döner” has to close in corona crisis

On October 9, 2019, 20-year-old Kevin S. was shot and killed in the “neighborhood doner” in Halle by the synagogue assassin from Halle. Now the operators of the snack bar have given up business – also because of the corona crisis.

The “neighborhood doner” affected by the far-right terrorist attack in Halle has stopped its business. The corona crisis caused the company to close, the former owner Izzet Cagac confirmed on Monday evening. He had given the snack bar to former employees who worked there during the attack. The “Spiegel” had previously reported on the closure.

In an interview with the news magazine, one of the current operators, Ismet Tekin, explains the background of the business task. “Only a few guests came in the new year, business was not going well. And now with Corona it is even worse,” says Tekin. The shop has been closed for two weeks. He had already reported to the job center about a Hartz IV application.

It was already known in February that the store had financial problems. Even then it was said that there was “fighting” for the store.

The “neighborhood doner” had become the second scene of a terrorist attack on October 9 last year near the synagogue of the Jewish community in Halle. The perpetrator shot at the shop and killed a 20-year-old guest. He had previously tried unsuccessfully to get to the synagogue.


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