Kilifeu affair: “Y en a marre” at Soweto Square on December 10th | Walfnet

The activists have decided to speak out for the release of Kilifeu, a member of the group of the movement And in a marre, who has been in preventive detention for over a month. What revolts them the most is the provisional release that the “partner in crime” scored by Kilifeu Thierno Amadou Diallo.

Faced with the press yesterday, Aliou Sané and his comrades of the movement And in a marre have not done in half measures. They raised their voices and denounced “Two-tier justice”. To make themselves heard, they announced a large demonstration on December 10, which will take place in Soweto Square. “We are heading towards major events which start from Friday December 10, 2021, in Dakar and everywhere in Senegal. Regarding the Dakar demonstration, we will start from Cheikh Anta Diop University and end at Soweto Square, at the National Assembly. And all over Senegal, there will be protest demonstrations ”, says Aliou Sané, the movement’s coordinator.

The latter who denounces the instrumentalisation of justice, affirms that every day the Senegalese face all the injustices. “This justice has been instrumentalised by power. We will use the language of determination and mobilization in the face of this further blow to our justice which we hold dear.», Continues Aliou Sané. Recall that Simon Kouka, another member of the movement who had been arrested, obtained provisional release given his degrading state of health. But the indictment chamber had refused the request of Landing Bissane Seck alias Kilifeu. The latter and his friend Simon Kouka had been placed under a committal warrant in the first half of September by the investigating judge of the 2nd cabinet of the Dakar non-class tribunal de grande instance. “Alleged smuggling of migrants, forgery and use of forgery”.

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