Kill malpractice but revive kick and rush: Wenger seduces FIFA with new rules

New rules, imagined by Arsène Wenger, seduce Fifa which could put them in place in the coming years. We dissect them with our referee Laurent Colemonts and Belgians who have already taken the test.

In 2020, Arsène Wenger, head of global development at Fifa, launched several ideas to give pep to the game. Above all, we retained his proposal for a World Cup every two years with a complete overhaul of the calendar. With a lot of criticism and an outcry, especially at UEFA. But there were also new rules devised or recycled by the former Arsenal manager. And, from English sources, we learn that they are making their way into the offices of Fifa. To the point of perhaps integrating the laws of the game in the years to come. Football could be greatly changed. In good ? In the company of our house referee and former Pro League whistle Laurent Colemonts, we analyze Wenger’s four strongest ideas, three of which have already been tested by Belgians.


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