Um a man, 29 years old, killed his mother, 69-year-old, in the early morning hours of Sunday, in the Bar of the The districtin Brazil.

According to the newspaper Extra, the killer was arrested shortly after the murder and confessed to the authorities.

The motive of the crime, and the brutality of how it was committed, it is a shock in Brazil. According to authorities, the mother and the child fell out because of the food. The man wanted to eat one burgerbut the mother is not the… he decided to beatit out to the death.

The executive Annie The oak was told the same, that the murderer has started to give punches to the head of the mother, and choking it away. In the end, he put his fingers into his eyes, and pontapeou it.“, Without showing any kind of remorse, he admitted that he had been cruel,” he said Annie.

The journal, an Extra account that a man had been arrested days before on suspicion of drug trafficking, and was the mother of one who has paid the fee for him to go out in the wild.

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