killed student, 17 injured in a knife attack


A student was killed Tuesday in Kawasaki, a suburb of Tokyo, in a knife attack that also left 17 injured as employees and children went to work and to school.

According to local media reports, which confirmed the death of the child, the alleged perpetrator, in his fifties, also died due to the injuries he inflicted.

Previously, the emergency services had indicated that two people had no vital signs, an expression used in Japan before death had been medically confirmed.

Among the wounded "a 40-year-old woman and three 6-year-old girls have severe injuries, mainly in the head and neck"said Takehito Otsubo, deputy director of the hospital where they were admitted.They will undergo an operation and will then be transferred to an intensive care unit".

Trump's message

Visiting Japan, Donald Trump showed his solidarity. "All Americans stand by the Japanese and cry for the victims and their families"said the president, who was on a Japanese military ship.In the name of the First Lady and myself, I want to take a moment to talk about our prayers and our sympathy".

The circumstances of the attack remained unclear. According to NHK public television, two knives were found on the scene.

Firefighters received an emergency call early in the morning at 7:44 am (21H44 GMT on Monday).

Initial evidence of an attack in a park, but witnesses said it occurred at a bus stop.

"I heard the sirens of the ambulance and saw a man on the ground bleed", testified a resident on the NHK antenna.

"I also saw elementary school students on the floor. It's a quiet neighborhood, it's scary to see this stuff"he said.

"Apparently a man got into the school bus my daughter uses and stabbed several people"a father said.

"I will kill you!", he would have shouted, according to a man who was in the nearby park, interviewed by the Asahi newspaper.

However, this information could not be confirmed immediately.

Blasts of blind violence

On the scene there were numerous police cars, fire trucks and ambulances. The tents were urgently set up to take care of the wounded.

A white bus was parked nearby, flanked by the name "Caritas Gakuen", a Catholic institution, noted an AFP journalist on the spot.

Mass killings are rare in Japan, which has very strict legislation on arms control and a relatively low crime rate. But explosions of indiscriminate violence occasionally destroyed the archipelago.

In July 2016, a young man stabbed 19 people in a center for mentally disabled about 50 kilometers from Tokyo, the worst killer in the country since 1938.

Another attack caused a stir when, in 2008, a 28-year-old man armed with a knife and driving a truck, caused panic in the electronic district of Tokyo Akihabara, crushing pedestrians before stabbing random passers-by in the crowd with a double-edged sword. Seven people died and 10 were injured.

A few years earlier, in June 2001, a man had killed eight children in an elementary school in Osaka.


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