Killer Whale Hunting in Melting Arctic Ocean, Researchers Worried It Will Disrupt Ecosystem – worm hole is a solution to an equation that describes Einstein’s theory of general relativity that connects two far apart points in space or time through a tunnel.

Ideally, the tunnel length is shorter than the distance between the two points so that worm hole be a kind of shortcut.

Although it is a science fiction staple and has captured the popular imagination, wormholes, as far as scientists know, are only hypotheses.

Wormhole discoverer

Reported from Live ScienceThe simplest wormhole was discovered by Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen in 1935.

Einstein and Rosen started with a mathematical solution of a black hole consisting of a singularity (a point of infinite density) and an event horizon (a region around a singularity that cannot be avoided).

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According to The Physics of the Universe, the two scientists discovered that they could extend this solution to include the opposite of black holes, white holes.

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The white hole hypotheses also have singularities, but they work in reverse from black holes; nothing can enter the white hole’s event horizon and any matter inside the white hole will be ejected immediately.

The shape of a wormhole

If wormholes did exist, it would look very strange. The entrance will be spherical, like the surface of a planet.

If you look into it, you will see light coming in from the other side. Wormhole tunnels can be of any length, and as you walk down the tunnel, you’ll see views that deviate from the region of the universe you’re from and the region you’re headed to.

Wormholes and time machines

In theory, a wormhole could also operate as a time machine. Special relativity states that the clock moves slowly. In other words, someone who ran at almost the speed of light would not advance into the future as fast as someone who stood still.

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According to MIT physicist Andrew Friedman, if scientists could somehow build a wormhole, initially, the two ends would be in sync in time.

However, if one end is then accelerated to near the speed of light, the other end will start to lag behind.

The two entrances can then be combined, repaired then one of the entrances will be past the other.

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