Kim Dong-hyun’s UFC contract is valid… The reason I can tell you to come back

An American journalist explained that Kim Dong-hyun (41) is still in a relationship with the UFC. Even recently, five years after the last match, it can be said that there is no basis for mentioning the possibility of participating in mixed martial arts.

According to Jane Simon (USA), deputy editor of ‘Bloody Elbow’, Kim Dong-hyun is on the roster, but has been absent for more than a year without a return date or is a ‘UFC inactive fighter’ who has expressed an unclear intention to retire.

‘Bloody Elbow’ is an American mixed martial arts media with a 14-year history. Deputy Editor-in-Chief Simon is known as a UFC entry expert. Kim Dong-hyun has not competed since June 2017, but his relationship with the UFC has not ended.

picture explanationKim Dong-hyun shows off training at UFC Fight Night 111 Korea Media Day. An American expert explained that even though he did not compete in mixed martial arts after 2017, he still has a contract relationship with the UFC. Photo = Reporter Kim Young-goo

Deputy Editor-in-Chief Simon also tied American stars such as Travis Brown (40), Uriah Faber (43) and Chris Holdsworth (35) into a similar situation with Kim Dong-hyun. Brown won the UFC heavyweight (-120kg) contender, Faber won the UFC bantamweight (-61kg) title fight, and Hallsworth won the reality program TUF Season 18.

TUF runs a tournament every season that guarantees the winner over $100,000 in UFC fight fees. According to Deputy Editor-in-Chief Simon, the UFC did not terminate contracts with Kim Dong-hyun, Brown, Faber and Holdsworth.

Kim Dong-hyun’s record of 13 wins, 4 losses and 1 nullity in 18 matches since 2008 is still the most appearances and victories for a Korean in the UFC. On February 2-7, 2017, he was ranked 6th in the official UFC Welterweight (-77kg) ranking.

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