Kim Jong-un Appears Skinny and Lively in North Korea’s Military Parade

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Kim Jong-un again attracting attention for appearing thinner and more lively at the military parade to celebrate the 73rd anniversary North Korea on Wednesday (8/9).

Kim’s appearance has been in the spotlight of many media, one of which is Associated Press. In his news, AP highlighting Kim’s demeanor, which seems more cheerful than in recent times.

In the parade, Kim was seen wearing a gray suit with a shiny white tie. Although the parade was held at midnight, Kim looked very cheerful when greeting the children who greeted him at the event.

He also looked happy when he responded to applause from the sea of ​​people who watched the parade around Kim Il-sung Square in Pyongyang.

“He smiled broadly, waved at the crowd and kissed the children who gave him flowers before he sat in a seat on the balcony to watch the parade,” the report said. AP.

AP also watched as Kim continued to laugh and clap as the parade passed before her. He was also caught on camera chatting enthusiastically with a number of officials around him.

Kim’s appearance has also caught the attention of a number of observers, one of whom is a professor of North Korean studies at Ewha Womans University.

“His face is definitely thinner and he moves more agile,” he said.

This view is considered the opposite of Kim when he met the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, in 2018. When climbing Mount Paektu with Moon, Kim seemed to have difficulty breathing and his body was indeed fatter.

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Last November, Kim also caught the public’s attention for looking very fat. A number of South Korean media even reported that Kim’s weight had increased by about 50 kilograms since he first took office in 2012.

Kim started looking thinner last June, when he appeared in public for the first time in months. At that time, Kim is estimated to have managed to lose weight by 10-20 kilograms.

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Some observers think Kim’s weight loss is the result of his efforts to become thinner, not because of disease.

Kim’s health condition has always attracted the attention of world intelligence agencies because it relates to the supreme leader’s ability to govern North Korea.

Furthermore, a professor from the University of North Korean Studies, Yang Moo-jin, also thinks Kim lost weight in order to create a more cheerful self-image as an “ordinary person.”

“He is also a husband and a father to his three children who are now in their 40s, so it’s not surprising that he cares about his health,” she said.



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