World Kim Jong Un praises North Korean soldiers as builders...

Kim Jong Un praises North Korean soldiers as builders of a fairy tale

PYONGYANG, – Leader North Korea Kim Jong Un praise army North Korea for their swift efforts to develop the affected areas typhoon and flood.

The praise was hurled by Kim as reported by the government media KCNA on Tuesday (15/9/2020).

Reporting from The Straits TimesTuesday, Kim visited North Hwanghae Province, in the south of the capital city of North Korea, Pyongyang.

In the area, soldiers rebuilt affected houses and buildings that Kim views as a socialist fairy tale.

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The visit is Kim’s latest in a hurricane-stricken area in North Korea.

Previously, he issued a warning before the storm to prevent damage to agricultural crops and casualties, then sent military personnel to help restore affected communities.

Army The people are part of the maker of all miracles in this country, “Kim praised his troops in a reported statement KCNA.

“The true strength of the People’s Army does not lie in the number of troops and ammunition, but in their strong love for their country,” added Kim.

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North Korea has recently been hit by heavy rains and typhoons. Rainfall some time ago was reported as the second highest rainfall in the last 25 years.

North Korea’s agricultural sector is particularly vulnerable to bad weather.

The storms and floods that hit North Korea some time ago have raised concerns over the country’s food crisis.

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