Kim Joo-ryeong “My husband, a professor younger than an American professor, said, ‘Your wife is crazy’… A hot reaction”

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Kim Joo-ryeong (46) of ‘Squid Game’ revealed her love story with her husband, who is two years younger than her.

In the SBS entertainment program ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2-You Are My Destiny’, which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 29th, Kim Joo-ryeong appeared as a special MC and revealed the story of her love and marriage with her husband, who is two years younger than her, along with the opportunity to appear in ‘Squid Game’.

On this day, Joo-ryeong Kim announced that she and her husband celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary. Kim Joo-ryeong said about the reason she met her husband for the first time, “(my husband) met for the first time at a theater company.” He said, “(husband) was two years younger than me, so I was living with my sister and brother, but I fell in love first, so I kept giving signals.”

Kim Joo-ryeong said about the reason why she felt attracted to her husband, “Unlike it appeared, (my husband’s director) debut film was a love story.” “My husband’s writing was so pretty.” She added, “I talked to the seniors and juniors around me (I like my husband), and we got married.”

Kim Joo-ryeong also introduced her husband, saying, “My husband is now teaching directing at Texas State University.”

Seo Jang-hoon asked, “My husband is enjoying all the popularity of ‘Squid Game’,” and Kim Joo-ryeong said, “Even if he doesn’t have to brag, he already knows everything.” In a sense, he said, ‘Your wife is crazy’.”

Kim Joo-ryeong said, “(My husband) is a person who puts his face in front of people, so he doesn’t give a tea. Kim Sook said to Joo-ryeong Kim, “But, my husband is very proud of me on SNS,” and made everyone laugh.

Kim Joo-ryeong also revealed the reason for appearing in ‘Squid Game’. He said, “My husband went to study abroad, and then I went with him for a while and had a child, and there was a three-year hiatus. . She added, “I think I was very tired on the field after spending 4-5 years like that.” Then, “My husband was appointed to an American university, so I thought I should go with him.”

Kim Joo-ryeong said, “At that time, I was asked to participate in ‘Squid Game’.

Kim Joo-ryeong said, “My husband always tells me that ‘Kim Joo-ryeong is a really good actor'” and “It’s not because we live together with the woman he loves, but he always says, ‘You seem to be a really good actor, don’t forget that you’re a good actor'” . Then, “He said that it feels good because it feels like you’re being compensated for the hard work you’ve been doing,” he said, giving a glimpse into the extraordinary side of the husband he loved.

Kim Joo-ryeong personally revealed her 9-year-old daughter. Joo-ryeong Kim’s daughter, Ha-yeong, who visited the studio that day, said, “I want to become a girl group and also a creator” when asked what her dream is. To this, Kim Sook asked, “Do you not want to be a comedian?”, and Hayoung shook her head and laughed.

Meanwhile, Kim Joo-ryeong is enjoying great popularity by taking on the role of Han Mi-nyeo in Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’.

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