Kim Jun-ho ♥ Kim Ji-min, what if you dated another guy? With rats or poop that died before that… (Doll Sing For Man)

[마이데일리 = 고향미 기자] Comedian Kim Jun-ho showed great affection for comedian Kim Ji-min, whom he is in a relationship with.

Lee Moon-sik and Yoon Shi-yoon appeared on SBS’ ‘Dolsing For Man’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Doll Sing For Man’), which aired on the afternoon of the 13th.

Lee Sang-min, who heard Lee Moon-sik and Choi Hye-won’s love story on the show, informed the performers, “Actually, Jun-ho knelt down and cried when Jimin accepted his confession.”

In response, Tak Jae-hoon asked, “I heard you said thank you. What are you so grateful for? What are you so thankful for?”

Lee Sang-min continued, “I don’t think you could stand it. If Jimin was dating someone else,” he guessed, and Kim Jun-ho said, “I would have interrupted him when he was trying to date. Put a dead rat in front of the man’s house or throw shit on it.” I would have done something like wrap it up. I did sabotage,” he confessed, making the scene a sea of ​​laughter.

On the other hand, ‘Take Your Shoes Off’ is four men who lack something and are crooked! Doll Sing For Man! Forget the past days full of loss, parting, and regret! It is a talk show about four men thirsting for happiness.

[사진 = SBS ‘신발 벗고 돌싱포맨’ 방송 캡처]

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