Kim Kardashian sells her worn out clothes on Ebay


Anyone who always wanted to pose in a celebrity outfit now has the chance: Kim Kardashian sells her old clothes on eBay. The designer stuff, however, are anything but cheap.

To get hold of are among other things: a body of the brand Alaia for the equivalent of 2300 euros, a pink and white plaid Juicy Couture bikini for children, which is to cost the equivalent of 164 euros, a Chanel wallet woven straw, which now has a value of 3560 euros has as well as a handbag from Chanel for around 2000 euros. Among the designer things are also parts of Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent or Celine.

Kim Kardashian's bikini

Kim Kardashian's ebay shop

Kardashian donates part of Ebay proceeds to charitable project

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the “Buried Alive Project”, it says in the eBay ad. The organization is committed to reforming the prison system in the US. Kim Kardashian has been involved with convicted offenders for quite a while and has recently been involved in the early release of a detainee.

Source: Ebay, Buried Alive Project

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