Entertainment Kim Kardashian "trapped" in her marriage: will she sign...

Kim Kardashian “trapped” in her marriage: will she sign the divorce papers?

The future of the couple formed by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is very uncertain. According to People magazine, the reality TV star is ready to file for divorce. But at what cost?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are struggling. The situation worsens gradually, starting with the first campaign meeting given by the rapper on July 19. There he announced that he and Kim wanted to have an abortion of their first child (North, now 7). He then fled to Wyoming to his ranch. He has since refused to return to his family in Los Angeles.

The couple reunited in Cody, Wyoming, last week. Kim was seen in tears in a car with her husband. The couple tried to discuss, obviously in vain. She feels “trapped” in her marriage, says People, and is actually considering a divorce. The discussion did not have the effects desired by the mother of four. Still, she would like to save North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm from divorce. “She tried to say goodbye to Kanye when he visited, but he didn’t seem to get it“, adds a source to People magazine.

This is the biggest problem if she signs the papers. Financially, the spouses have a marriage contract to protect their respective fortunes and their distinct brands. However, the custody of the children may be more complicated since Kanye West refuses to leave Wyoming.



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