Kim Kardashian's "KUWTK" clip defending Kanye's slavery will not be on show – TMZ


Kim Kardashian

Clip & # 39; KUWTK & # 39; About Kanye & Slavery

It was not expected to see the light of day

12/6/2018 10:15 PST

10:15 PT – We were told that Kim said that Kanye did not say slavery was a choice … it will NOT appear in the upcoming episode of "KUWTK". It was never approved for the episode, because when Kim looked back, he realized that it was inaccurate and did not reflect on what happened to TMZ that day.

The preview clip was pulled by E!

Kim Kardashian he's looking like hell to justify Kanye WestThe slavery comment – the problem is that she is completely citing her husband, and clearly does NOT remember what she actually said.

In the next episode of "KUWTK", has a convocation with Jonathan Cheban is Simon Huck on the May 1 aspect of Kanye on "TMZ Live" … and the convo is full of lies. First of all, Huck says "the way they edited that clip". It has not been modified.

Then there's Kim who says, "If you listen to what he said, he said:" Slavery was 400 years old? If it will be another 400 years, it will seem like a choice. "He did not say , & # 39; Slavery is a choice. & # 39; "

Here is the clip, so you can listen what Kanye actually said. There is clearly no reference to a 400-year future. The current quote – "When did you hear about slavery for 400 years, for 400 years?" It seems like a choice, as if you were there for 400 years and all this? "

Kim may have any interpretation of the words of Kanye. We understand it. But, to say it, we modified or mistook it … it's a lie.

In the episode "KUWTK" adds: "Kanye's slavery comment … never told her, it was just the title".

All right.

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