Kim Seon-ho was absent from the awards ceremony due to controversy… The staff gave me a ‘big gift’

The trophy was safely delivered to actor Kim Seon-ho, who announced his absence from the ‘2021 Asian Artist Awards (2021 AAA)’ due to privacy controversy. The agency that received and delivered the trophy on behalf of the company also announced a brief position.

Trophies delivered to Kim Seon-ho / Hereafter, Salt Entertainment’s official Instagram

At the ‘2021 AAA’, Kim Seon-ho took first place at the same time in the ‘RET Popularity Award’ male actor category and ‘U+Idol Live Popularity Award’ category, where the winner is decided by 100% global fan vote. Prior to the 2021 AAA Awards ceremony held on the 2nd, there was already controversy over privacy when the voting was held, but it ranked first with an overwhelming number of votes.

However, Kim Seon-ho eventually disappeared from the public due to controversy with his ex-girlfriend. It is known that Kim Seon-ho thought about attending the ‘2021 AAA’ awards ceremony to the end as the controversy over his privacy had subsided to some extent. However, in the end, he decided not to attend, and the trophies were delivered to Kim Seon-ho’s agency, Salt Entertainment.

In response, on the 5th, on the official Instagram, Salt Entertainment wrote, “Your precious hearts were delivered with the trophy. Thank you for always being a great strength to Kim Seon-ho. I will do my best to repay your precious feelings.” along with the trophy photo.

In the published photo, Kim Seon-ho had two trophies awarded at the ‘2021 Asian Artist Awards’.

Subsequently, a message congratulating the award was also posted on the ‘Kim Seon-ho Staff Diary’ Instagram account operated by Salt Entertainment. Then, “I would like to thank the fans who gave me a meaningful award. Thank you for always supporting me. Although I am lacking, I will do my best to repay you with a good image.”


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