Entertainment Kimberly Loaiza breaks the silence, talks about the Juan...

Kimberly Loaiza breaks the silence, talks about the Juan de Dios scandal

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CDMX / 05/09/2020 08:35:26

Kimberly Loaiza spoke for the first time since the sex videos from your ex Juan de Dios Pantoja and through a message from her YouTube account, the influencer broke the silence.

The first point he touched was the end of his relationship with Pantoja, another influencer and singer with whom he has a daughter. Kimberly He clarified that he asked him to leave the house and that despite continuing to upload happy content to his accounts Tiktok and Instagram, is going through a difficult time.


Loaiza also took advantage of his message to ensure that is neither threatened nor acting under pressure, as versions on the internet indicated. According to some sources, in past days it had been rumored that the girl was threatened and lived in torment and exploited, a situation that denied this Friday.


Finally he addressed Lizbeth Rodríguez, another influencer and famous for her show ‘Exposing Infidels’ on the Badabun channel and who was in charge of revealing the videos of Juan de Dios Pantoja and to constantly be in scandals.

Kimberly Loaiza asked him not to continue with his lies, to respect his daughter, his family and He offered her an apology, in case they ever had problems.

He also apologized to Kenya Os, one of his former members of Team Jukilop, with whom he did not go out on good terms, assuring that she “was a point apart from Juan de Dios, that he was the one in business”. The apology came casually an hour after Kenya released their record production, Chance?



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