“Kin Thanachai” declares to be an “artist”, but does not leave the role of an athlete. Single, close, admits to being jealous.

How are you doing with the song “Don’t Stop Baby”?

“This song will be a song that looks at a man’s love perspective, calm and cool. He doesn’t care, the more likes, the better the challenge.”

come from yourself? “Yes, from Kin himself. Kin’s mood meets someone who secretly likes to behave incorrectly. When being with friends is very good, but when meeting someone who likes Instead, he acted incorrectly, just one.”

How often does Kin have symptoms like this? “There are some (smiles). Kin sees other people too. I believe that it is accessible to everyone.”

This song’s singing style is very different from the previous songs.

“Yes, the first 3 songs are content alone, wanting to have someone to take care of, secretly like someone who has a girlfriend. But this song secretly likes people he doesn’t care about. It’s fun music. make the music brighter Ask if it’s difficult? The parts are not difficult to sing, but the dancing is difficult. Don’t Stop Baby has rhythm, we have to dance. Like the first 3 songs, there is no dance. Come to this song, there is a Kin dance, you have to practice dancing a lot.”

Do you normally dance? “Not at all, I don’t have a dance background at all. First time out of the box to dance. The first song is not a light dance, posting, but dancing the whole song.

There are some comments that are hard to follow and want Kin to help teach them. “Yes, he said it was too difficult. I want Kin to digest it for me.”

With this song, it’s out of the safe zone. “Yes, the first 3 songs are “Godfather of Night Scenes” because they were always filmed at night. This song was filmed in the daytime scene. outdoor too So I feel a lot out of our frame. daytime shooting time And Kin is a very hot person. There will be obstacles sweating all the time. need a new photo is something new In this MV, Kin cut her hair too short. to change the look.”

after releasing this song How pleasing is the feedback?

“Good. Fans say they’re happy to see Kin in a new angle. Meet Kin, dance, fun music. The MV is a little brighter because the other MVs are dark. Thank you everyone.”

Release the song in succession And the feedback is good, every song like this is like lifting a mountain out of your chest? “I’m glad I released the song. There are choreography for the fans to see. Afraid to dance out and not look good because we never danced that we as athletes use different bodies Play sports, use force and let them dance with their waist fluttering. It has to change the mind set enough to dare to come out and dance in front of people. At first, Kin played a lot of sports, playing basketball, kicking ball, table tennis, swimming, and Kin playing everything. Kin plays hockey With personality, we must have a straight back. When dancing, try to hunch a bit. Change your mindset to dare to come out and do this.”

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What’s the turning point?

“It seems to gradually absorb more. When we do it, it feels fun, not as bad as we thought. Just maybe with a semi-addicted kin. Perfectionist everything must be good. When dancing at the beginning, it was very vicious. It’s completely frozen. makes us not want to continue doing it I still haven’t seen the end of the tunnel how it will come out. I’m not blocking it, it’s just not pretty, I’m afraid it’s not good enough. But when you can do it, it starts to have fun. go to dance class There are still dance classes left.”

How do teachers have to dissolve our behavior? “Melted a lot. With a stiff, stiff back, until now, some postures are still unsolvable. hundred percent Kin played hockey and had a back problem. Sometimes the dance won’t be that beautiful, you have to keep adjusting it, your body will gradually do it. The teacher told me that while dancing, you need to be conscious and pull back a bit.”

Have you ever thought that from an athlete to become a singer, you can come this far?

“Oh, never, never, never thought, we thought we could do it but didn’t think we’d come this far. Kin plays only sports. Focus on sports. His hobbies are singing. I’m secretly proud that we’ve come this far. because they are so different.”

Every time I competed, I had the Thai flag on my chest. How are you feeling? “I’m glad, I’m impressed, as if it were the feeling that we carried the flag. It’s not easy to get to this point. It’s not easy that we can do it. In the past, there was a flag that was inherited from generation to generation of the first national team. power up before the race Put everyone’s hands on the flag before they keep the flag. If you win, take that flag out and spread it and parade it around the field. Being at that point was very impressive because we once represented the national team. We made a name for the country, like in the last game we scored 3 goals, but we won 4-3, a feeling like never before. At that time Half of the team’s friends infected with COVID have disappeared. We are favorites is the preliminary round We were shot down a lot. Always come after the last. Lead first. People lose their willpower but fight until they win. It’s a very clear feeling. It was the first race that Kin cried. It was hard, tiring, like we were carrying something.”

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Where is the target athlete’s path?

“Part of being an athlete, I want to reach the SEA Games. But four years has to wait.”

Are people afraid that we are artists and will leave the sport? “Try not to leave me. I have to admit that it’s hard to divide a lot of time. we can’t leave We play as part of our lives. like we brush our teeth every day I’ve been playing since I was 7 or 8 years old. I’ve been playing for 10 years. I haven’t been able to relax for many years.

There is also an ice skating with Pee Noon-Woranuch. “Yes, if not P’ A, P’ Nun, Kin would not have the opportunity to go skating without wearing a hockey uniform. Because we always go in full dress rehearsals. When going down for the first time, you will fall because your body weight is different. Fortunately, he invited me to play. What content do you shoot? Nun invites you to play I haven’t played these moves in a long time. I’ve been a kid in the playground since I was 8 years old, from when the mall opens until the mall closes. to the point where I don’t know what to do next no challenge So some seniors invited me to play hockey so I moved there for a long time.”

playing sports, singing, and studying

“Now I am in my second year at Kasetsart University. Faculty of Economics, Inter. With business at home, please help your father.”

is the hope of the house “I don’t know if he still hopes or not (laughs). I’m okay with this group too. Economics is an important science in life. When you look at stocks and read world news, you have to use economics. Other people talk to each other so we can talk about it. time to analyze what Maybe it’s appropriate to watch the news analysis news. At Kinrian was an entrepreneurial economist. Didn’t study economics in depth.”

Indicates that in the future, the business must be inherited. “I didn’t miss that much. Now Kin focuses on sports and singing. I think I study because I like it.”

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How about love, because releasing 3-4 songs about love, really, is there someone talking to Kin right now?

“Right now, there is no love at all, just keep working.”

not open or not found “I didn’t close it, there were some greetings, it was normal. Not even a fan To the point of talking? not that much This person is so beautiful, just look at it. from experience In the past, we used to have a girlfriend. We talked and worked together, but I don’t recommend it. The more time we have, working together, we can’t give him time. Better not pull it together Better let him go.”

Is it part of being jealous that we are jealous that makes us not dare to start talking to anyone? “Also, we are extremely jealous people.”

What kind of type of girl does Kin like? “In the past, I liked pretty and cute people. Now I just need someone to understand me.”

And are we easy to understand? “Perhaps there is an angle that is very difficult to understand. Really need to find people to click. Sometimes we are tired and disappear at all, sleep, have our own corner, have our own world, sometimes we have to let different people have their own world. He watched me work all day. Came back home, had to give him time. But I wanted to have some private time so I was alone first. but not blocked if encountered Mother too i am jealous But Ma Ma is more jealous than me (laughs), but he is open, will stop by some times, tease, fool, ask, after all, not fooling, but serious.

Have you ever talked about love and having a girlfriend? “I didn’t forbid it, but I don’t want to have a girlfriend. Now I’m still studying. I want to focus on studying and working.”

Afraid of being single for a long time? “Don’t be afraid, we only focus on work. Just about the job queue is already a headache. I still don’t remember (laughs).”

What is done nowadays is still considered successful?

“Still, there are also the strongest people than us. Some people have completed their studies. Isn’t it harder to be an artist than me? So I think it can go on and on. keep evolving People who look at him as successful, but who he looks at may still be able to go even further. I keep doing it.

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