King Charles, Camilla and why they wanted Kate Middleton to change her name, according to Prince Harry Spare’s autobiography

Prince Harry Spare’s autobiography is now officially in bookstores and available to order online. Although we already know to a large extent what the “bombshells” are in it, since copies of the book appeared a week before its premiere in some of the world’s major media outlets.

Did Prince William touch his brother

Shocking new story from Prince Harry

Feuds, dirty tricks and even a physical altercation are some of Harry’s claims in it. No less curious, however, are the more minor details he reveals of his life at the royal court.

Such as Camilla and her then husband Prince Charles insisting that Kate Middleton change the way she spells her name. They wanted Prince William’s wife to spell her name with a K instead of a C at the beginning (Kate instead of Cate, given that her full first name is spelled Cathrine in English).

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The reason? The current king and queen consort have been keen to avoid members of the royal family – especially one as popular as the Middletons – having the same initial as Camilla (her name is spelled Camilla in English).

Prince Harry’s claim in Spare sounds even more unpleasant for Kate Middleton because of the clarification that after Charles and Camilla expressed this desire to her and Prince William, the latter remained silent and did not defend her.

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