King Charles III aims for the line: rigid even on the table, worse than Queen Elizabeth

A real diet in order not to disappoint the subjects. This is the secret of King Charles III setting the web ablaze. Will it be true? Let’s get to know this ruler better

There are millions of Crown fans who have been amazed by the recent revelations about one of the most beloved monarchies, namely the British one. Re Carlo III would be an avid supporter of health even at the table enough to follow a strict diet very interesting that risks becoming the new fashion of the moment.

King Charles III royal diet. Source Instagram Royal Family

So let’s try to better understand what this sovereign’s secret is for always staying healthy and best performing all the tasks that his role imposes on him. Therefore, behind the always majestic and smiling figure of King Charles III there would be this little big secret. In what therefore does this shocking consist? hidden truth?

The Diet of King Charles III

Not everyone knows it but even the sovereigns are watching the line, and not only! For to be healthy in fact it is necessary feed adequately but the choice of nutrients to introduce into your body to feel good depends on our lifestyle and how much energy we need to consume as well as our age and state of health. For this reason, it is always necessary to consult a professional to have a correct diet, also because this can change over time.

King Charles III royal diet

King Charles III is also convinced of this, who over the years has adapted his diet to his commitments as monarch and to the various business trips abroad he has had to face. According to nutritionist Signe Svanfeldt in a recent interview with the online newspaper Express Co UK, the king’s diet includes the introduction of flax seed which would aid digestion and provide essential fatty acids, fiber and protein. But there is one more important secret that King Charles III follows to better fulfill the royal duties. Let’s find out what it is?

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The secret of King Charles III’s diet

To always stay in shape, King Charles III follows this very particular diet which allows them to skip lunch and therefore have more time to devote themselves to their duties as monarch. Obviously, to do this, however, it is necessary that the sovereign is feed heavily in the morning. And it is for this reason that the father of the Prince of Wales William enjoys homemade bread, fruit juices and fresh fruit for breakfast.

King Charles III royal diet

Eating in this way would therefore be a real well-being bomb for him since the homemade bread it contains flours that are more nutritious, as they are richer in fiber and protein, compared to those used to produce the bread we buy at the supermarket. King Charles III would prefer the Rye flour and that of farro. Furthermore, in the fruit contains many nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, and not just fiber. And when the sovereign happens to be hungry during the day, how does he do? Very simple! Eat gods always healthy little snacks. These are the amazing revelations made by Julian Payne, the former press secretary of the aforementioned monarch, which are literally inflaming the web.

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