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King Charles III is not Prince Harry’s biological father? These rumors are loud again, all because of one photo

These rumors about Prince Harry have been circulating since the moment he was born. Is King Charles the real father of his younger son? Or maybe one of Princess Diana’s lovers fathered the red-haired Harry? JJames Hewitt has been mentioned for years as the alleged real father of the prince. This British cavalry officer actually had a fiery affair with Diana. Although he most likely met Diana when Harry was born, the rumors continue, mainly because of the same red hair color of both men. Everyone involved always officially denied everything, but the case cast a shadow on the life of the younger of the princes. Now it’s loud again!

One photo of King Charles III changed everything. Will this silence the malicious rumors once and for all?

Strangely enough, one can talk about an astonishing plot twist. Now British subjects are becoming convinced that King Charles III is the real father of Prince Harry. And all because of a photo that was posted on the official Instagram account of the British monarch on the occasion of Mother’s Daycelebrated in the UK on March 19. In the photo we see a young Elizabeth II holding a little, maybe one year old, Charles on her lap. “Has anyone noticed how the King and Harry looked alike as children?”, “This photo made me change my mind. Definitely!”, “Prince Harry and his children look quite like King Charles as a child” – from comments like this to teeming with that photo. Is this the end of the rumors?

In the end

Are you taking Harry’s side in the war with the royal family?

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Question 1 out of 10

How many diamonds are in the crown that lay on the queen’s coffin?

Queen Elizabeth II is dead. King Charles III is a descendant of a Polish general

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