Kingdom Come Deliverance: THQ Nordic buys Warhorse for 33.2 million euros


The independent study Warhorse of the Czech capital of the city of Prague now has a new owner: it is bought by the Scandinavian publisher THQ Nordic for about 33.2 million euros. Not directly, but through the German subsidiary Koch Media (Deep Silver) of Munich, which was the publisher of the only game Warhorse Kingdom Come Deliverance product so far.

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As part of the acquisition, it was also announced that up to 2 million copies of the Kingdom have been sold to date. Warhorse Studios achieved revenues of around 42 million euros in 2018 and a profit of around 28.4 million euros. With the acquisition, Koch Media also acquires all rights to the role-playing game based on a medieval scenario.

Much of the purchase price is for the founders of Warhorse, so developers Daniel Vávra and Martin Klíma; Furthermore, an external investor receives a share of an unknown amount. Vávra and Klíma continue to work in their respective jobs, including the managing director Martin Frývalský.

Kingdom Deliverance was released in February 2018 for Windows PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 and received good to very good ratings worldwide, and the game test on was positive. Since then, Warhorse has released a series of extensions.

The last addon so far is the band of bastards released at the beginning of February 2019, where players join a group of mercenaries to protect travelers on the streets of medieval Bohemia. A successor to Kingdom Come Deliverance has not yet been announced, but it is almost certain.


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