Kiss us p.del, the organizers of the congress respond to the officials of Prague 7

It all started around mid-August, when the “cryptanarchists” asked the Prague 7 Department of Transport to take part of the sidewalk they needed when installing the advertising banner. The poster across the house with a snake wrapping a triangle was to be an invitation to the seventh annual hacking congress on October 4, at which a number of foreign personalities from the field of cryptocurrencies are to be filmed.

“We exchanged several emails with Prague 7. They received the original invitation. They explicitly wrote to us that they do not allow this banner, “says one of the founders of Parallel Polis, Pavol Lupták.

According to Prague 7 spokesman Martin Vokuš, however, such an explicit ban did not occur at all. The decree, thanks to which visual smog, including large-scale banners on the facades of buildings, will disappear from the wider center of Prague, has not yet come into force. “Since 2018, we have had rules in Prague 7 for placing advertising in public spaces so that problems do not arise, for example, in transport. But they are not binding, it is just a set of recommendations, “explains Vokuš. According to him, the cryptanarchists could easily install the original poster without penalty.

“The Department of Transport did not ban anything, it only pointed out that a decree is being prepared that will ban similar advertisements in the future,” says Vokuš, adding that the management of their application has not yet been completed and Prague 7 has not issued any final opinion. “We take it as a misunderstanding rather than a disagreement,” Vokus describes. According to him, the forthcoming decree, which also includes a manual for public spaces, is intended to completely prevent similar misunderstandings.

However, Polis considers the Office’s actions to be an interference with his sovereignty and manner of expression. “It bothers us that this is only a subjective assessment of an official,” says Lupták. According to him, the planned congress of hackers for the institute represents an existential matter. “As an institution, we are independent, we do not receive any support from the state. That is why we reacted in this way activistically, “describes Lupták.

Is it effective to be vulgar?

According to him, the use of vulgarism in public space is effective in this case and the association does not throw itself away in any way. “It is important to distinguish between stubbornness and vulgarity. Czech is a flowery language and the term Kiss Ass can have several meanings, “thinks Lupták.

Parallel Polis was established as a non-profit organization in 2014 in Prague. As she states on her website, according to her philosophy, the management of the company in the form of the state is long overdue. It does not draw any funds from public funds, it lives on donations and organizing various events. In the house in Prague’s Holešovice, IT experts hold various discussions and lectures on cryptocurrencies, technologies and other current topics. There is also a café, where you can only pay with symptoms, such as the well-known bitcoin.


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