Kitab Sawti, partner of Tanweer to enrich the Arabic content


During a night of inspiration in Paris, the "Kitab Sawti" audiobooks platform has signed the biggest deal still in the Arab audiobooks market together with Tanweer Publishing House. In light of this partnership, a list of the world's best-selling international versions will be available in audio format on Kitab Sawti's platform for a global Arab audience to enjoy and tune into.

"The new partnership with Dar Al Tanweer is a strong impetus for our audio library, underlining the role of Kitab Sawti's leader in the Arab publishing world," says Hossam Al-Gomati, editorial director of Kitab Sawti, adding: "It's not a that Dar El Tanwir has an exceptional collection of award-winning titles and our cooperation will allow us to guarantee the accessibility of the Arab global audience to these publications "

With 1,500 audiobooks produced in different literary genres, Kitab Sawti is the largest library of Arabic audiobooks in the world offering a sophisticated quantity and quality mash-up. In the first phase of the agreement it is expected that the platform will publish the best international titles as "A short history of time" by Stephen Hawking, the Booker "Booker" of 2018 Booker Winner for the Polish writer Olga Tokarzuk, the thriller adopted by Drama "Conflict" by Arush "seen by millions of people all over the world, and many others of the most internationally acclaimed titles granted exclusively to Kitab Sawti's subscribers.

"This agreement is the beginning of a promising cooperation between the two parties to develop the digital Arabic content in the coming years and enrich the Arab culture, providing the Arabic reader with all the new versions as quickly as possible with the lowest possible price. "Sheriff Joseph Rizk, director of Dar Al Tanweer, said.

In particular, Dar Al Tanweer won the Sheikh Zayed Book Award for 2018 in the field of publications and cultural technologies in recognition of its role in promoting Arab culture, preserving the intellectual property rights of authors and translators and respecting the highest publication standard. – SG



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