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Black peppers is the most popular and widespread spice in the world or “spice king”. Black peppercorns have a tempting aroma and give the food a great, spicy taste. They can be added to almost all marinades. It is also worth trying fragrant pepper. They have a rich, fruity taste. The marinade of exquisite taste is obtained with Tellicherry pepper.

Bay leaves are aromatic and slightly bitter. They contain large amounts of eugenol, which gives them a clove-like, sweet aroma. Bay leaves are used in various marinades. It should be noted that the taste of bay leaves with other ingredients in the food mixes slowly.

Kanēļkoka table will be useful for apple jam. When the jam is ready, place the cinnamon bark in a jar. For example, ground cinnamon will be useful for pickled strawberries.

Ginger also goes well with marinades, exotic fruit marmalades, jams. Cleaned and ground root is used as a spice. It should be remembered that salted dishes should be added ginger, sweet – to taste.

Cloves are evergreen tree unopened buds, collected by hand as soon as they begin to turn red. The buds harvested later are dried. Cloves have a sharp but pleasant, rich aroma and saturated taste. Cloves fit well in marinades and compotes, jams.

Mustard seeds added to cucumber and vegetable marinades.

Vanilla is a tropical plant, a climbing orchid, and its lush trunk can reach a height of 10 – 15 m. Vanilla sugar has a saturated taste and aroma, and can give different taste notes to jams, compotes, marmalades.

“Homemade jam has an aroma that cannot be bought in a store, but cucumbers grown in the garden require a spicy marinade. Even beginners will succeed in preparing exactly step by step according to the recipe!

In the marinade you can use classic recipes, where good aroma and taste will mainly depend on quality bay leaves and pepper. For example, tomatoes in jelly are not losing their popularity in many families. But you can also try new recipes and spices!

You can marinate almost anything – for example, small plum tomatoes in juniper marinade, cucumbers with garlic and mustard seeds or lemongrass and chili, beets with cumin and basil, butter pumpkin with bay leaves, pepper and cloves.

By choosing the recipes closest to you, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful taste of vegetables, fruits and berries all year round! “, Inga Auziņa, Santa Maria’s retail marketing manager in Latvia, urges to marinate and cook the benefits that have grown in the summer.

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