Kitchen revolutions: Cudnie restaurant. Why did she fall?

A sad end Kitchen revolution in the restaurant Lovely (Full on the web). For the first time in such a long history of the show, a situation occurred that disappointed Magda, the viewers and the restaurateurs themselves, who openly admitted that they were stupid. It was a strong episode.

Kitchen revolutions are one of the longest broadcast programs in the history of Polish television. Spectacle with participation Magda Gessler and restaurant owners who are calling for help, enjoys unflagging popularity. Viewers sit in front of TV sets to see the conditions under which local entrepreneurs work and what is the cause of their business failure.

Usually, the final episodes of the revolution end as expected by all parties. Magda makes changes that turn out to be groundbreaking for the future of individual pubs. The new décor, innovative menu and the change of mindset of the owners guarantee a success that was previously lacking. It happens, however, that some restaurants end differently than Gessler would like.

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In the latest episode of season 25 Kitchen revolution we have witnessed an ending that has never happened before. Unfortunately, this time it was not a happy ending.

Kitchen revolutions. Cudnie Restaurant (Full on the Net) in Puławy

First, a short summary of the episode. Puławy, with a population of 50,000, located on the Vistula River, is known primarily for the Czartoryski Palace and the beautiful park that surrounds it. There is also a restaurant there Lovelyto which you have been invited Magda Gessler. The restaurateur went to help young, 22-year-old Karolina and Damian, who is a year older. Young entrepreneurs, despite all their best efforts, record more and more losses. They took out a loan of PLN 110,000 to create a place. zlotys.

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Damian Anet’s mother helps the couple, but you still have to pay 20,000 extra to the business every month. zloty. Due to financial troubles and stress, the lovers started quarreling with each other. Karolina is trembling for her own future, because it is her credit. Frightened by the vision of a crash and a restoration and relationship, they asked for help Magda Gessler.

Full on the web (former Cudnie) – menu

The star not only enlivened the interiors (from pink-green to blue combined with khaki), but also created an original and delicious menu that attracted crowds. Mainly fish were introduced to the card. The dishes included smoked carp with rooster-mogl with horseradish, veal dill soup with dumplings, asparagus with green hollandaise sauce and the main course – hot carp meatballs with a roll. Gessler Lovely changed to Full on the web.

Why a restaurant Full on the web did not survive?

The guests could not praise the meals prepared according to Gessler’s recipes. Everything went as planned until the final visit. Four weeks after the dinner, led by the restaurateur, an unpleasant end came. Magda, instead of showing up on the spot and tasting the dishes that she proposed herself, welcomed Karolina and Damian in her restaurant U Fukiera.

I don’t understand why they asked me to meet you here? Gessler wondered.

Karolina and Damian confided that although the changes were impressive, they did not manage to survive until the episode was broadcast, after which there are usually long lines to pubs.

I am definitely stupid. Because I would like us to record the return of Magda, let her sit down, try and be delighted by accepting the revolution – admitted Damian.

Gessler concluded that the couple had made a mistake. In her opinion, they were only a step away from business success:

There was no indication that this would happen. I look at other restaurants after “Kitchen” and there are usually crowds. Only after recording. What was wrong? The author of the revolution wondered aloud.

Young entrepreneurs did not hide their regret, but emphasized that they were unable to further finance the business, which generated more and more losses:

Unfortunately the restaurant is closed. We would not have made it to the return for financial reasons. There weren’t too many guests, so the revenue wasn’t too big. And for us the well was dry and there was no place where to get the proverbial water from – summarized Damian, to whom Karolina sitting next to him nodded.

Wrapping up the episode, Gessler said:

Weirdest situation of all. It happens very rarely – said the clearly sad star, adding: – Your loss. I really regret. I wish you luck and I can’t tell you anything more – added Gessler goodbye. This restaurant had a chance of success. It took Damian’s patience and commitment.

Did you watch today’s episode?

The owners of the restaurant Cudnie (Full on the web)

The owners of the restaurant Cudnie (Full on the web)

The owners of the restaurant Cudnie (Full on the web)The owners of the restaurant Cudnie (Full on the web)

The owners of the restaurant Cudnie (Full on the web)


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