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Fighter·Kizaemon SaigaUpdated his Ameba Blog on the 13th. She revealed that she was apologized for being “sorry.”

On this day, Saiga described it as a “pack after taking a bath” and released two shots with her in the face pack, explaining that “of course, the one given to her.” She confessed, “I ate a fool for the New Year, so my skin got rough,” and revealed that she said, “I’m worried about my body, so I should stop eating a fool.”

He went on to say, “I was talking about something like,’Being fat is so stressful that I don’t know how to get rid of it, and after I ran to eat, it settled down.'” Is there stress? I’m sorry if I’m stressed. ” “I didn’t think that was said …” (sic) commented.

At the end, he concluded the blog by saying, “I’ve been stabbed by that word, so I’m doing my best to remodel my body now!” And “Don’t post it again because she always records something.”

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