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“It really is one of the great artists who is gone,” said Kjersti Holmen’s longtime theater director at the National Theater, Hanne Tømta after Kjersti Holmen’s death.

Holmen has been ill for a long time. She died on Sunday 26 September, aged 65 at Økernhjemmet.

A brilliant actor

– This is so far too early and far too sad, says actress Anne Marie Ottersen on her way into the church. We remember her as a very good colleague. She was close to us.

– Now we can say goodbye to Kjersti. We will enjoy all the memories she has left behind, says actor Per Christian Ellefsen.

– She has been on a long journey out of this life, and now she has peace, says Ellefsen.

Ellefsen describes Holmen as a fantastic and brilliant actor.

– Absolutely raw, she achieved so much, she had such imagination, and left the list sky high. So the rest of us got to try to stretch as best we could. And she did others good too.

– Kjersti lives on

Actress Lise Fjeldstad

Photo: NRK

– Kjersti no longer lives, but she is not gone, because she lives on in so many crazy, funny roles, and more complex and strong roles.

So the women she created there live on in us, and will live a long time, says actress colleague Lise Fjeldstad.

– It was fun to have her as a colleague. Challenging and fun.

Ellen Horn plays Sigrid Undset

Actress Ellen Horn

Photo: Lars Erik Skrefsrud / NRK

In her memorial speech at the church, former director of the National Theater and actress Ellen Horn said that it felt like a great obligation to be her theater director.

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– In my opinion, she was one of the greatest actors we have had in this country. She mastered all roles. And she mastered the comedy with a unique timing. She was a perfectionist at her fingertips, Horn said in the speech.

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