KKB Papua Allegedly Received Weapons Supply from Papua New Guinea, Purchased Using Money From Selling This Item

POS-KUPANG.COM – Armed Criminal Group (KKB) still continue to fight the security forces.

KKB Papua did not hesitate to shoot using weapons.

So taping there are a number of victims as a result of that brutal action KKB Papua do.

The Armed Criminal Group (KKB) led by Tendius Gwijangge is suspected of receiving supplies of ammunition and firearms from Papua New Guinea.

Dandim 1715 Yahukimo Papua Lieutenant Colonel Inf Cristian Irreuw said they used the weapon during a shootout with TNI members in Suru-Suru, Yahukimo.

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“Indeed, there are indications that KKB received supplies from PNG so that the shooting contact was quite long, as happened at the Suru-Suru Preparatory Koramil, Saturday (20/11),” said Cristian, Sunday (11/21/2021) quoted from Antara.

He said the shooting in Suru-Suru reportedly lasted from 06.00 WIT to 12.00 WIT.

It is known that the KKB attack on the Suru-Suru Koramil, Saturday morning, left one TNI personnel dead and another injured.

The shootout was long enough but the number and strength of the weapons used at that time are unknown.

Givesn Whether the two victims who were shot were at the koramil or outside it is not yet certain.

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