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Photo: Roman Mareš, rytirikladno.cz

During the 42-day long wait for the start of the playoffs, the Kladno hockey players arranged a double match with first-league team Kolín. While they unexpectedly lost 2:5 in the first preparatory match, the Knights have already managed to retaliate.

However, the extra league participant had big problems with the Goats again, losing until the 35th minute and preventing the second humiliation in a row only in the 50th minute

Tomas Plekanec

attacker, 40 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/hrac/tomas-plekanec/2077?t=432″>Tomáš Plekanec. Other veterans were also seen for the home team:

Jakub Klepiš

attacker, 38 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/hrac/jakub-klepis/2219?t=432″>Jakub Klepiš scored once,

Jaromir Jagr

attacker, 51 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/hrac/jaromir-jagr/10077834?t=432″>Jaromír Jágr then recorded a balance of 1+1.

He then scored for Kolín

Matej Chalupa

attacker, 24 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/hrac/matej-chalupa/18941?t=432″>Matej Chalupa, for whom Tuesday’s preliminary match came in handy – in Hradec Králové, who will soon start the semi-final series with Vítkovice, namely he has a modest ice time.For the first time after overcoming cancer, he played as a defenseman for Kolín

Matej Pinkas

defender, 19 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/hrac/matej-pinkas/10082487?t=432″>Matej Pinkas, a great comeback to hockey crowned with an assist.


Goals and saves: 2. Klepiš (Indrák), 19. Jágr (Kubík), 35. Kubík (Ticháček, Jágr), 50. Plekanec (Ticháček) – 8. Chalupa (Štohanzl), 9. Síla (Pinkas, Niko), 33. Pajer ( Moravec).
Spectators: 462.
Knights of Kladno: Brízgala – Babka, Beran, Bláha, Brodecki, Cibulskis, Filip – Indrák, Jágr, Kehar, Klepiš, Kubík, Michnáč, Plekanec, Pytlík, Sotnieks, Ticháček, Veber, Zikmund.
SC Marimex Cologne: Sajdl – Stork, Gaspar, Chalupa, Klíma, Koukal, Král, Kukla, Lang, Marcel, Moravec, Morong, Naar, Niko, Pajer, Piegl, Pinkas, Síla, Sklenář, Šedivý, Štohanzl.

Kladno’s other preliminary matches before the play-off

Thursday March 30:
18:00 HC Dynamo Pardubice B – Rytíri Kladno

Wednesday April 5:
18:00 Rytíri Kladno – HC Dynamo Pardubice B

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