KLM fears new problem after Schiphol incident

Given the new omikron variant of the corona virus, KLM is adjusting the service on board flights to South Africa, reports the Telegraph.

Although the aviation sector is climbing out of the valley, it is not finished with corona yet. It is another setback for the sector when the news came out last week that a new variant of the virus appeared in South Africa. The Netherlands imposed an entry ban for travelers from this country. The confrontation with this led to great dissatisfaction with passengers on board KLM flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town last Friday. They were stuck in the plane for a long time and then at Schiphol, because they had to do a PCR test.

The reason for this, according to the Telegraph the ‘slow action of Schiphol and the GGD’. Many passengers expressed negative opinions about the incident. It was also not possible to get catering on board the aircraft. KLM is therefore concerned about the image damage. “After two years of corona, there is still no script at the airport for these kinds of cases. Incomprehensible,” a source, whose name is unknown, expressed his or her displeasure at the newspaper.

KLM takes measures

KLM is taking measures on flights to South Africa due to the new corona variant. In order to reduce the number of contact moments with passengers, the company is scaling down the service. Staff members can also indicate if they prefer not to fly to the African country. We will consider such a request. We emphasize that this only occurs in a few cases,” said a spokesperson for the airline.

The Association of Dutch Airline Pilots (VNV) has announced that extra (precautionary) measures are being taken for KLM staff. “Of course it is important to pay attention when a new variant of the virus appears, but there is no unrest. The circuits have now been shortened, the crew is not allowed to leave the hotel on additional testing is done. We are monitoring it,” said a union spokesman.

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