Know the Causes and Symptoms of Tuberculosis or TB


Recognize the causes and symptoms of tuberculosis that attacks the respiratory organs.

Bobo.idTuberculosis Also known as TB disease. This disease usually attacks respiratory organs.

Disease tuberculosis including the type that is easily transmitted. Transmission can be through splashes of saliva, coughing, or when it is dangerous.

Disease tuberculosis this can attack anyone. Including attacking children.

To find out the disease tuberculosis Well, the following will explain the causes and symptoms of the disease: tuberculosis.

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Causes of Tuberculosis

This disease is caused by bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. These bacteria do not only attack the lungs.

However, it can attack other organs, such as the brain, bones, kidneys, intestines or lymph nodes.

TB bacteria can actually be transmitted through the air, lo.

That is, if a tuberculosis patient is breathing and inhaling air, then coughing, talking, singing, and so on, the germs will stay in the air for a long time.

If inhaled by other people it can cause a person to get tuberculosis.

Usually this disease is susceptible to infecting those closest to them, such as family, closest people, and someone who often interacts with patients.

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Symptoms of Tuberculosis

There are several symptoms that arise when a person has tuberculosis. Usually the symptoms of each person are also different.

In addition, the symptoms of tuberculosis are also not visible at the beginning. So that a person can function normally.

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However, over time these symptoms will appear by itself.

Well, here are the general symptoms that usually arise in tuberculosis (TB) patients:

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a. No appetite

b. Hard to breathe

c. Nausea and vomiting

d. It’s easy to get tired

e. Chest hurts

f. Cough with phlegm

g. Weight loss for no apparent reason

When someone has tuberculosis, it is advisable to immediately see a doctor. This is done in order to get the right treatment.

Well, that was the causes and symptoms that arise when someone has tuberculosis.

In order to avoid this disease, friends, you must take good care of your health.

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