Know the expectations of the towers and your luck today 3/3/2019 … Masrawy


12:00 p

Sunday 03 March 2019


Want to know the future and what's in your bad luck? "Life Style Masrawy" offers you the expectations of the daily future, based on the path of the sun and the movement of stars and planets according to "Horoscope", in the album attached to the top. Good luck.

– Pregnancy:

A day full of professional tension, think silently and be patient and logical before making important decisions.

– Bull:

Your words and actions coincide with your dear friend, this can make you feel anxious and tense, it's nice to find out that the other side understands you without speaking.

– Virgo:

Get great news from your family and get a great day on a social level that will guide you to think well, so do not let the emotion overwhelm the logic.

– Gemini:

Social gatherings can create your state of love for knowledge, you must take advantage of this situation and deepen the reading of new books in all areas.

– Cancer:

You could have important people in science and technology and you could hear new news at that moment, listen to them well and this could have a positive effect on your life, so you do not just have to write down their notes.

– Assad:

A good day on an emotional level, you will enter a new love affair, perhaps from another distant country, but the good thing is that you have common interests and prescriptions.

– Equilibrium:

A good day at a social level, a good day with friends, meeting new people and engaging in a big business project that increases your financial income.

– Scorpion:

You will receive a large sum of money by check, and you may want to spend money on trivial things, but you have to sit with yourself and think about the important things you need.

– Arch:

A good day at a social level, a wonderful romantic atmosphere with a life partner, but you will strengthen your relationship with old friends,


You may want to ignore some important work, to get into a new project, but you should think carefully before taking this step.


A good day On a practical level, you can do your work postponed for a while, you will receive an important contact from a friend who asks you for help and psychological support.

– Whale:

A good day financially, you could get funding to enter a new investment, you should use it and plan your project and make a feasibility study.



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