Know the expectations of the towers and your luck today 7/3/2019 … Masrawy


12:00 p

Thursday, March 7, 2019


Want to know the future and what's in your bad luck? "Life Style Masrawy" offers you the expectations of the daily future, based on the path of the sun and the movement of stars and planets according to "Horoscope", in the album attached to the top. Good luck.


You must attend psychology and human development training courses to help you define and implement your goals more effectively and support you intellectually and spiritually.


You must acquire new skills in learning some areas related to your work, take care of your health and walk with your closest friends to change your mood.


A state of joy and optimism will overwhelm your day, make you feel energetic and energetic to carry out your daily tasks, and try not to ruin your day by thinking about the past.


New ideas in your mind need to be implemented as soon as possible, but you have to talk to your family and friends before you start implementing them and thinking logically before starting to implement the decision.

The lion:

You will receive an invitation to a seminar or conference that will benefit from a lot of information about your work and will make you think more practical and logical, and you should pay attention to your family during this time.

The Virgin:

Planning and perseverance The title of your life cycle, both from an emotional and professional point of view, is to be patient and plan well for your future and your partner.


Stay away from conflicts that bring you trouble and tiredness, try to stay away from annoying and relaxed things by traveling to your favorite place with your colleagues.


You feel nervous and anxious because you do not get what you want to do, do not worry, your life is going well, you have to try again.


You should read books that talk about the importance of time management, you need it hard, do not give all your energy to work alone, you have to pay attention to your plate and exercise.


Entering a project will cost you a lot of time and effort, and you will meet an old friend who will help you achieve it and eventually you will have a positive outcome that will bring joy to your heart.


You need to practice meditation and yoga exercises to get rid of the negative energy that controls you during this period. Try to join your friends to do some different activities that will help you relax and think less.


Do not listen to conversations that disturb your mood, and you must pay attention to your partner, he needs the event with you in matters related to your life together.



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