Know your body .. What happens in the body when it is poisoned?


Of course, we all know the danger of swallowing a toxic substance or food poisoning from a food. Symptoms usually start with vomiting and diarrhea to stomach cramps, although viruses play a role, but bacteria are the most common cause. Flakes of poisoning.

Some bacteria start beating the body before the toxin is connected according to the "sciencefocus" site, which triggers an immune response in the intestine, others can cause poisoning by poisoning the alimentary pathway.

How does poisoning occur?

Bacteria enter the body
Bacteria enter the body

First stage bacteria enter the digestive system

Some bacteria or intestinal toxins can survive in difficult conditions in the stomach, make their way into the gastrointestinal tract and can sometimes survive up to 72 hours after eating the poisoned meal.

Phase II bacteria breeding

The bacteria reproduce silently without being detected by the immune system in the body, leading to the production of toxins, causing the penetration of the gastrointestinal lining.

Reproduction of bacteria
Reproduction of bacteria

Phase III immune response

The immune cells release signaling proteins called proinflammatory cytokines, which move a series of steps that cause inflammation of the intestine and swelling, causing discomfort.

Effects of the immune system
Effects of the immune system

Phase IV Diarrhea and drought

Excess of fluids and bacterial toxins in the intestine causes a watery diarrhea, which has a useful role in expelling bacteria, but can cause dehydration, especially if the person does not receive treatment.

Vomiting alerting the responsible part of the brain
Vomiting alerting the responsible part of the brain

The last stage vomit

Some bacteria do not induce vomiting, but intestinal staphylococci cause vomiting, where research suggests it could stimulate the nerve that transmits a signal to the center of the vomit in the brain.

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