Known for nine Noppakao or dozens in the series, dozens of kisses, lovely writer, handsome, strong damage!

In the beginning of the year 2020, the nine received the script From the famous Y-series like Red Thread (Until We Meet Again), he starred alongside In Touch. Played by Earth In which the two met in a university This meeting was born out of compassion and entered the life of Korn, the son of an influential person. All of which was caused by shock, the two eventually fell in love. But in the end, how will this story be? Friends can follow in the series Red Thread (Until We Meet Again), which is the first story that he has performed and showed his acting potential. I can tell that the nine can show off until the audience praises it. Because there will be some scenes that will be very emotional, nine will bring out the expressions and expressions well. Make many fans love and really fall in love with Nine.

3.) Dozens will kiss a lovely writer.

The series about dozens of kisses lovely writer is a series Y with more motto and taste than normal Y series, with nine young men playing dozens of roles in the past ten as the younger brother of the house. China In China, played by Up Phumipat Iamsamang, and he has been fond of China since childhood, but when meeting in the present, China cannot remember dozens. Because with a changed face and a long time ago Therefore, coming to China of the dozens was his planning from the beginning. And this story counts as nine as one of the leading actors. With the depth of the story, the emotions of poppy love nine are very expressive. Looks very natural Although nine is interviewed that the roles of ten and nine are radically different, but in this story, nine approaches the role until it makes people lookin together.

It is over already. For known nine Noppakao or dozens in the series, dozens of kisses, handsome men, badly damaged. I can say that young Nine Noppakao is another actor who is both handsome, damage and acting skills are extremely outstanding. If anyone has not followed him yet, you can follow instagram at @numberx9th I can certify that by falling with the cuteness of nine young men for sure

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