Koblenz plants tree in the middle of bike path – an isolated case? Not at all!


Basically, Heiko Breitbarth, spokesman for the city of Koblenz, had to realize that, of course, one could imagine “better locations for trees”. But the child had already fallen into the well or the tree had been buried – and Koblenz was talking beyond the city limits.

The reason: As part of its rehabilitation concept for the historic parks, the city had planted a tree near the Rhine, but obviously less thought of the associated dangers. And so since February, a young red maple stands in the middle of a cycle and pedestrian path on the banks of the Rhine. Since the stabilized by four wooden supports tree also stands in a larger and fortified with earth stones field, especially cyclists since then has no choice but to curve the plant. Criticism and ridicule were not long in coming: “Is that art or can it go away?”, Unknown had written on a meanwhile removed sign to point to the at least questionable location of the tree. The NDR satirical magazine “Extra3” dedicated the Posse even own contribution.

In the park, a tree was already standing in the same place

Now it should not go unmentioned that in the same place ever a tree was, the “obstacle” is not new. Formerly there had been a chestnut about 80 years old, said Breitbarth the SWR. But no one was upset about that. “Only after we felled the sick chestnut and planted the red maple was the location problematized,” he said.

That this goes down in the current discussion is certainly not correct. And yet the Koblenz tree is just one example of how traffic and city planners – especially in times when many cities want to become more cyclist-friendly – do not always have a happy hand. Only last year, for example, a bike path in Berlin gained international fame because of its zigzag leadership.

Bike path in Berlin

Trample, brake, give in, start again, brake again, give in, and so on. This zigzag bike path in Berlin was mocked and ridiculed nationwide in the summer of 2018

Why the responsible company painted the bike path that way is still unclear. However, the responsible district office Zehlendorf responded: Another company was tasked to straighten the track again, a few days later then also approached workers.

Bike path in Berlin

A worker mills the zigzag pattern from the paving stones

“German Bike Paths, Symbolic Picture”

That the Berlin zig-zag course and the Koblenzer tree farce are no exceptions in Germany, show various published on the net images that could come directly from the cyclist hell. A small selection.

In Koblenzer Park they drive now more considerate

In Coblenz, the tree farce had at least a positive side effect: The fact that the red maple is in the middle of the way, among other things led to “that cyclists are approaching a children's playground at reduced speed,” said city spokesman Breitbarth. There have been conflicts more often because of reckless driving.

Swell: SWR / Twitter

Two Australians carry a sofa through the city on bicycles


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