Kobo announces new entry-level e-reader | NOW

The Kobo Nia is the new entry-level e-reader from Rakuten Kobo. The device has a 6 inch e-ink screen. About six thousand books fit on the device.

The new e-reader will replace the Kobo Aura, which is no longer for sale. Like that model, the Nia costs 100 euros.

In terms of specifications, the Nia resembles the Aura model, although the e-reader now has 8GB instead of 4GB. According to Kobo, this can be used to put up to six thousand e-books on the device.

The Kobo Nia has a resolution of 1024 by 758 pixels, which equates to a pixel density of 212 pixels per inch. Furthermore, the e-reader is equipped with a battery of 1,000 mAh, with which it can last for weeks on a charge.

The Nia has a micro-USB connection and works with WiFi. Among other things, it supports epub, mobi, pdf and cbr files and works with the book subscription service Kobo Plus. The Kobo Nia will go on sale on July 21.


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