Kobo or Kindle? Find the best e-book to give this Christmas

The 2019 Digital Book Annual Report, prepared by libranda, points out that, in the mentioned year, the ebook on the total book market in Spain was 5.2%. If only new arrivals and big launches are taken into account, it goes up to a range between 15% and 25%.

In 2020, according to the same report, ebook sales between the months of March and April grew by 50%. It is clear that technology advances and occupies spaces that were once inhospitable for it. Now comes the Christmas and surely many of you seek the best e-book. We will try to help you in the choice.

The 6 best e-books of 2020

Kobo, Kindle; Kindle, Kobo … These two brands have quite a lot the e-book market. In fact, of the six that we are going to show, five run on your account.

Simple Amazon Kindle

It is the simplest of Amazon, but also one of those that offers the best value for money. Now comes with integrated headlight. It has a 167 dpi high contrast screen. Underline passages, look up definitions, translate words or adjust the size of the text – all without leaving the page you are reading.

Amazon’s plain Kindle now comes with an integrated front light.

Kindle Oasis

The second e-book on the list is the Kindle Oasis. Better and obviously more expensive than the previous one. Carries 7-inch screen with 300 dpi resolutionFront, borderless design and is waterproof. In addition to adjustable warm light, which allows you to change the shade of the screen from white to amber. You can buy it with 8 GB + WiFi, 32 GB + WiFi or 32 GB + WiFi + free mobile connectivity.

Kindle Oasis, one of the best electronic books currently on the market.

Kindel Paperwhite

The last Amazon ebook we show is the Paperwhite. The screen is 300 dpi and they ensure that it reads “without reflection, as on printed paper, even under sunlight.” Like the Oasis, it is waterproof. It is available in 8 or 32 GB.

Both the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Oasis are waterproof.

Kobo Libra H20

We go to Kobo e-books and we started with the Kobo Libra H20. Its screen is 7 “300 PPI E Ink Letter and resolution 1680 × 1264. It has 8 GB of storage, 12 different font types and 50+ font styles.

8GB of storage has the Kobo Libra H20.
Rakuten Kobo

Kobo Clara HD

6 ”300 dpi HD display, 8 GB of internal memory and capacity to store 6,000 ebooks. Somewhat cheaper than the Libra H20, but also of high quality. With front lighting, 11 different fonts and more than 40 font styles.

The Kobo Clara HD has more than 40 font styles.
Rakuten Kobo

Energy eReader Pro 4

The last of e-books to give away this Christmas that we propose is the Energy eReader Pro 4. It weighs 160 grams and has 8 GB of internal memory expandable to 128 GB more through micro SD cards. The screen is 6 ”.

The memory of the Energy eReader Pro 4 can be expanded to 128 GB.
Energy System

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